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Writing Obituaries

Obituaries attempt to give an account of the texture and significance of the life of someone who has recently died. Obituary writing is enjoying a revival in America. Both readers and writers of obits are becoming increasingly interested in balanced life stories, complete with hairpin turns, ups and downs, triumphs and failures. Obituaries can be found in printed publications and online.

Obituaries are distinguished from a death notice (also known as a funeral notice), which is a paid notice written by family members and placed in a newspaper by the family or a funeral home.

Many news organizations have on file obituaries assembled about notable individuals who are still alive. You can prepare your obituary in advance of your death, too.

You may want to hire a professional obituary writer to write your obituary as part of your end-of-life arrangements. Family or friends of someone recently deceased may hire a professional obituary writer to prepare death announcements or obituaries to honor their loved ones.