Everything you need to know to plan a funeral

Funeral planning is something most of us will have to do, but how do we begin?

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Funeral Planning Articles - A to Z

Butterfly Release at Funerals

Caskets - Considerations when choosing

Containers for the Body and Spirit - Urns and Caskets

Converting Ashes (Cremains) into Diamonds

Costs - Cost Cutting Funeral Tips

Costs - Resources to Help Pay for a Funeral

Costs - How Much? Funeral Prices

Costs - Ways to Pre-Pay for a Funeral

Costs - Who's in Charge - Funeral Home or Family Member

Cremation Jewelry

Disposition by Cremation

Disposition by Cryonic Preservation

Disposition by Funeral Pyre

Disposition by Green Burial

Disposition by Mummification

Disposition by Organ or Body Donation (Anatomical Gift)

Disposition by Promession

Disposition by Resomation

Disposition by Traditional Burial

Disposition by Whole Body Burial at Sea

DNA Storage for Future Medical Use

Dove Release at Funerals

Eulogy - Eulogies of the Famous

Eulogy - Eulogy Tips

How to Prepare, Write and Present a Eulogy

Eulogy - Sample Real Eulogies

Eulogy - The Eulogy - the most important part of a funeral

Eulogy - Top Five Reasons to Give a Eulogy

Eulogy - What is a Eulogy?

Eulogy Resource Center

Funeral Favors, Mementoes

Funeral Music and Songs

Headstones, Grave Markers and Enhancements


Home Funeral or Funeral Home?

How to Help Someone Suffering from Loss

How to Pick the Right Funeral Home

How to Scatter Ashes

Jewelry-- Keepsakes & Cremation Jewelry

Last Will and Testament


Online Memorials: Changing the way we Grieve

Poems - Popular Funeral Poems

Poems - Bible Passages

Poems - Readings from Psalms

Poems - Short Quotes and Poems

Poems, death of a Mother or Grandmother

Poems, death of a Father or Grandfather

Poems, death of a Child

Poems, death of a Friend

Poems, death by suicide

Poems regarding Angels

Professional Mourners

Sample Funeral Ceremonies

Scattering by Boat

Scattering by Plane

Scattering by Fireworks

Scattering by Balloon

Scattering by Gunshot

Scattering into Outer Space

The Role of Funeral Clergy or Celebrants

Tribute Videos or DVDs

Urn Basics

Vehicles for Funerals

Veterans - Flag Cases

Ways to Personalize a Funeral

Why Funerals Matter

Window Decals - Memorial Keepsakes