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Urn Basics

Every conceivable urn is available to purchase online.

No urn requires a large quantity of ashes. You may choose to divide the ashes into five miniature urns, one for each person closest to your loved one or perhaps one for each grandchild; you could have some remains used in cremation jewelry and the balance interred in a cemetery with a grave marker or scattered at a favorite place.

Traditional Urns come in every size, shape and color. Some are boxes made from wood. Others are glass. Some are pottery.

Mini-Urns are a new product. These little urns allow a number of people to cherish a small portion of the cremated remains.

Urn Jewelry is another new treasure. You can have jewelry made that incorporates a small portion of remains. The jewelry can be something like a locket with ash inside or a piece that incorporates ash into its design. Some of the most beautiful urn jewelry consists of a glass ornament that contains a swirl of ash inside the glass piece.

Biodegradable Urns are designed to be non toxic and appropriate for burial in a green cemetery or placement in an ocean or lake. The water biodegradable urns are designed to float for a few minutes before gently gliding below the water's surface. These urns often emphasize nautical themes.

Teddy Bear or Plush Urns are stuffed animals with a small pocket in the back where the cremated remains are stored.

Fine Art Urns are hand made by artists. They serve a practical purpose but also are pieces of art.

Birdhouse Urns are generally used to scatter ashes. Once the scattering is complete the urn can be used as birdhouse.

Paintings - several painters will take a small portion of ash, mix it into their paint before it's applied to the canvas and use it to paint a memorial painting of your loved one. The resulting paintings are a vibrant expression of a human life. This is not really an urn, but it is a unique way to use ashes.

Picture Frame Urns have a small picture frame as part of the urn where you can insert a picture of your loved one.

Pet Urns. Quite a few companies make urns specifically for our beloved departed pets. Some resemble natural garden stones or have sculptures of cats, dogs or horses on them.