Funeral Info

Funeral Music and Funeral Songs

It can be overwhelming to decide what songs to use for a funeral. We’ve made this process easier by identifying songs that are particularly moving for funerals and organizing them into several subcategories.

  • Angels
  • Bagpipe music
  • Celtic
  • Christian contemporary
  • Christian hymns
  • Country songs
  • Harp music
  • Loss by miscarriage
  • Loss of child
  • Loss of daughter
  • Loss of father
  • Loss of grandparent
  • Loss of husband
  • Loss of mother
  • Loss of pet
  • Loss of sibling
  • Loss of son
  • Loss of wife
  • Military & patriotic
  • Old time gospel
  • Piano music
  • Police & firefighters

Music sets an emotional tone and speaks to our hearts. A particular song can remind us of a person or an experience. The lyrics of a song, like poetry, may summarize how we're feeling better than we are able to say ourselves.

Music can be provided from playing tapes or compact discs, or by engaging musicians to play instruments or to sing, or by engaging bands or choirs to perform.

Many people are stepping away from traditional funeral songs and funeral music and to choose music that reflects the taste of the person who has died. This can include modern or New Orleans jazz, rock, country, blues, pop or music of a specific instrument.