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Grave Markers & Enhancements

Markers indicate where a loved one is buried. Traditionally, grave markers are made of stone, hence, the name "headstones" or "tombstones." Today, they can also be made of bronze or glass. Enhancements like solar panel lighting make this ancient form of memorial more meaningful.

Headstones are grave markers made of stone, usually granite. Can be called a "footstone" if placed at the foot of the grave.

Bronze Markers are memorial plaques made of bronze.

Glass Markers are new and attractive. The company making them states that they are as strong and long-lasting as granite.

Enhancement by Video attaches a small video player to the grave marker. Visitors to the grave can see and hear about the life of the person memorialized by the grave marker.

Enhancement by Illumination uses small solar panels to collect energy during the day. At night a special feature on the grave marker is illuminated using the collected energy.

Enhancement by Stained Glass displays a stained glass panel inserted into the grave marker.

Enhancement by Photo installs a picture of the departed into the headstone or monument.

Enhancement by Flower Vase installs a metal vase on or next to the grave marker to provide a place for visitor's flowers.