San Francisco, California

California State Funeral Laws

California's cemetery and funeral regulations, covered by Divisions 7 and 8 of the state's Health and Safety Code, take a consumer-based approach. Pertinent information as well as advice can be found at the Web site for the Department of Consumer Affairs, which includes a Cemetery and Funeral Bureau. As it does in most industries, California advocates for consumers as equally as it protects profits when it comes to the funeral and burial businesses. The basic primer from the Cemetery and Funeral Bureau is a good place to start gathering information. The Web site also offers information on how to distinguish funeral home advertising from information funeral homes are required by law to provide.

To understand California law, start with the California Department of Consumer Affairs Cemetery and Funeral Bureau.

The Cemetery and Funeral Bureau Web site summarizes most common industry violations.

California provides a Consumer Guide to Cemetery and Funeral Purchases.

California law addresses cemeteries and funerals.

California law addresses business and professions code for funeral law.

California code addresses privacy rights use of death data files.

California code addresses Native American graves protection and repatration.