Disposition Options


Water Cremation, Water Resolution or Bio-Cremation

Resomation is a process that dissolves the body to its chemical components.

In resomation the body is placed in a silk bag then placed in a metal cage frame. This is loaded into a resomation machine for approximately three hours. The machine is filled with a mixture of water and potassium hydroxide, and heated to a high temperature at a high pressure.

The end result is a small quantity of green-brown tinted liquid (containing amino acids, peptides, sugars and salts) and calcium phosphates. These are easily crushed in the hand to form a white-colored dust. Both the liquid and the dust can be returned to the deceased's next of kin and may be buried or applied to a garden.

The resomation process is currently being championed by a number of ecological groups. It is being presented as an alternative option at some British crematorium sites.

At this time resomation is only available in the state of Florida. Efforts are underway to bring resomation to California funeral homes.

Resomation is cost effective and more environmentally friendly. We're likely to see more and more funeral homes switch to this form of cremation.