Portland, Oregon

Oregon State Funeral Laws

As with most industries, the funeral industry is subject to an array of regulations. Becoming familiar with what the state allows regarding funeral homes and cemeteries can save time, money and heartache. Contact the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board with questions or complaints.

A good overview of funeral and cemetery rules can be found in the pamphlet "Facts About Funeral and Cemetery Arrangements" (pdf) put out by the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board.

Laws regarding funeral related topics can be found in the Oregon Revised Statutes at:

ORS 692 Funeral Service Practitioners; Embalmers; Funeral Establishments; Cemetery and Cemetery Operators

ORS 97 Rights & Duties relating to Cemeteries, Human Bodies and Anatomical Gifts

There are no State laws prohibiting burial on private property. Some counties may have certain requirements for private property burials.

There are also no laws regarding the scattering of ashes in Oregon. More details in this Ash Scattering Memo from the Oregon Mortuary and Cemetery Board