Orlando, Florida

Green Funerals in Orlando and Central Florida

The green funeral movement took aim at formaldehyde-laden embalming fluids, nonbiodegradable caskets and toxic materials such as plastics, paints and glues that go into casket production. Embalming is hardly ever required, and many funeral directors will honor family wishes to give the process a miss. Some funeral directors even ask.

The one group willing to stamp standards onto the movement, the Green Burial Council, has yet to approve any Orlando-area funeral homes. Closest is Steverson, Hamlin and Hilbish Funeral Home in Tavares, Florida about an hour and 20 minutes northwest.

Floridians in the funeral industry see more interest developing for green funerals in another five to 10 years. They called it "a generational thing." Besides finding cooperative funeral directors willing to work with you over the embalming issue, careful shopping can locate caskets without construction components that will last forever.