Funeral Laws in Massachusetts

As with most industries, the funeral industry is subject to an array of regulations. Becoming familiar with what the state or commonwealth allows regarding funeral homes and cemeteries can save time, money and heartache.

A good overview of laws and policies can be found at The Health and Human Services website:

  • The key laws and regulations for the commonwealth of Massachusetts include:
  • MGL Chapter 114: Cemeteries and Burials. The commonwealth's primary cemetery, burial and cremation law.
  • MGL Chapter 46, ยง 9: Death certificates; issuance; contents; declaration of death by nurse, nurse practitioner or physician's assistant. Describes the procedure for issuance of death certificates.
  • 239 CMR 3-5 Rules and Regulations Governing Funeral Directors and Embalmers

Also of interest may be:

  • Consumer's Guide to Planning a Funeral, Board of Registration of Embalmers and Funeral Directors. Provides consumer guidelines for Purchasing Funeral Arrangements and Pre-Paid ("Pre-Need") Funeral Arrangements.